Let’s be honest…  (which can be a sincerely undervalued commodity in real estate sales).  There are some things you just need to know before you sell your North Avoca property.  Before you think of selling your Terrigal Home.  Before you have the first buyer step into your Central Coast home!

1. Bits and pieces, packing and clutter 

Look, I know you love all those photos of your granddaughters 1st birthday party, and I absolutely know that your entire wall of Royal Doulton plates will be very collectable in the future, but for the new potential purchaser, they are just someone else’s mess.  And no one can imagine living in a house filled with memories of someone else.  Do yourself a favour.  You are moving regardless, right?  So commit to that.  Start boxing up, culling, give it to the kids, or the charity shop.  (Or tip.)North Avoca Real Estate tips

2. Shiny, shiny, bright and clean

Clean your house!  Yes, potential buyers are capable of seeing the mould on the ceiling in the bathroom.  They can also see the grease on the wall above the stove, the cobwebs in the skylight, dirty toilet and the marks on the wall around all the light switches.   And while we are at it, other people CAN smell the dog.  We are just being polite.   Smokers too.  Get the carpet cleaned.  However to be fair, I am sure you will never be as bad as the house in Terrigal I was invited into with little doggy doo-doo parcels left on the carpet.  Yes, really. 

Clean house before sale

3. Drip, trip, squeak, bang, View, what view?  

Fix the things you know don’t work.  Trim the trees taking away the view. Water blast the green algae on the dark side. Mend the wobbly step, the creaking door, the dripping tap.  It might cost you a little time and money, but prospective buyers will multiply these things in their imagination and make an offer based on their reduced figure. Buyers will wonder what else is hidden if the obvious maintenance isn’t taken care of.  There are plenty of Central Coast companies to help with maintenance, or painting or plumbing.  Ask me. I have plenty to recommend.   

You might have to do some repairs to achieve the highest price possible.   Trust me, its worth it.

Terrigal Real Estate Sales Tips

4. They want to see it when? 

Yes, it’s a pain in the neck.  Its inconvenient.  Its annoying.   Your schedule will be interrupted by open houses or inspections but if you know this going in, you will take it in your stride.  We will try to corrall buyers to a limited few inspection times (ask me about ‘compression selling’) and the most activity will be in the first few weeks but just anticipate being inconvenienced.  And please please leave the house during inspections.  No one can imagine living in your North Avoca home, while your kids watch cartoons in the living room.   Keep the beds made, the undies off the floor (oh please keep the undies off the floor!)  And who can ever forget the property owner in North Avoca who stayed home in their dressing gown for several inspections?  No!  Bad. Go out.  And put some clothes on.

5. Here, take this money neighbour!  

Badly presented homes, or overpriced homes just sell the neighbours property for them.   As soon as you hit the market, the pool of current potential buyers will be attracted to your home.  These buyers have been waiting, just waiting for a house like yours in Terrigal. Then they come through, check out the purple walls, your enormous oversized red  leather lounge and matching ottoman, the cluttered living room and see how well priced that other property is.  Do yourself a favour and listen to your agent.  We don’t have a secret agenda to insult you.  There are stylists and storage facilities able to help you for the short time your property will be on the market.     

How to sell your house

Or a really really long time if you ignore your agents advice.

Selling a home is fraught with potential pitfalls.  But if you follow the advice from your chosen professional, it should be a fairly painless – and profitable – experience.

If you have any other questions about how to best prepare your home for an easy and smooth sale, don’t hesitate to give me a call.




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