The trouble with movie houses is they aren’t real.  I mean most of them are just facades, agonised over by the designer and perfectly staged and lit, then torn down after shooting is finished.  Some are quick glimpses of the outside, then rapidly cut to the sound stage where interiors are shot.

But that’s the movies, right?   Filled with mystery and hope, sadness and joy and all perfectly manufactured for us to enjoy.

But some of those movie houses are just lust worthy.   Inspiring, romantic, stunning fantasy homes drawing us into the story – so in no particular order, here are 9 homes I have lusted after in the movies..  Did I include your favourite?


  1. Under the Tuscan Sununder-the-tuscan-sun-house-image

This is an easy one.  On everyone’s list.  All rustic Mediterranean and burnt umber, olive trees and muted tones.  You can almost feel the sun on your back.  I sort of have a hankering to buy a mini version of this and spend six months of the year in Tuscany.  Of course I might not cope with the plumbing, and can’t speak Italian but these are minor details, right?

By the way, this villa is actually available to rent and you can learn more about that here.


  1. Its complicatedits-complicated-kitchen-2

Droolable kitchen.  Yes. Drool-able. I predict lots of friends at that counter.  I like the architecture of the house – the single level, sprawling California ranch style hacienda of it all.   The mix of industrial and shabby chic really sings with me too.  Those metal multi paned windows. Scrumptious.




  1. Somethings Gotta Give

Another one with American beach influences, this time North East coastline and The Hamptons.  Possibly the most copied movie house ever. A bit more than a cottage, clearly the home of a successful woman, I love the transom windows in this one too.bunch-of-somethings-gotta-give

Elevated ceilings, lots of creams and pale blues, and dark timber accents but its really an elegant house.


Not a scruffy beach shack at all, restrained and elegant. Note: no sign of a tv. Books everywhere.  This blog here goes into a lot of detail about how to recreate this look if you fancied bringing that look home.


  1. The House sitterthe-house-sitter-exterior-house

This one slipped under the radar for lots of people.  In the movie, the architect designed it for his girlfriend – who turns down his marriage proposal, but I always thought of this house as a little jewel.  Maybe instead of the Tiffany box.

Its dead basic.  It looks like a house a child would draw, but that’s part of the charm.  A real Yankee clapboard

And I love the glass walkway connecting the living spaces from the sleeping areas.  Great idea.  Unless you like to walk around naked in the morning.  Might recommend some undies to go get breakfast in that case.


  1. Gatsbys closet – Gatsby housegatsby-exterior

I do like the house used in the Baz Luhrmann remake … (bit Cinderalla Castle and all) but what I like more is the closet in Gatsbys bedroom.


I mean its fun to  have seven hundred of your closest friends dancing in your fountain, but in the end, don’t you just want to just lie in your art deco bedroom try on all those shoes.

  1. Peppard Cottage in Howards Endhowards-end

Aaah.  Back to my heritage.  A quaint ivy-clad brick cottage with roses and wisteria winding their way up the exterior towards the multiple chimneys. For multiple fireplaces.  Which, lets face it are necessary because its always sub zero in these English country cottages.

But don’t you just want to go and spend a weekend here?…


  1. What lies beneathwhat-lies-beneath-exterior-house

Big craftsman house on the edge of a lake.  I love craftsman houses. But it’s a creepy movie so we will just look at the picture and move on



  1. Bewitched movie


This one has the same feel as the grander Father of the Bride house so skipped the more obvious one and went for the witch.  Always wanted to be able to do that twitching nose thing when I was little.

Oh okay – Here’s Father of the Bride house then..


  1. Devil Wears Prada Miranda Priestly townhouse


I like the snazzy apartment also featured in a party scene in this movie, but love the multi level Upper East side townhouse the dreadful (but also very sad, don’t you think?) Miranda Priestly inhabits.

Gorgeous staircase with dark timber floors, white spindles and newels and dark handrail. Great contrast.  This feels like a very sophisticated place to live.  We never got to see it but my imagination runs riot on what her closet looks like…  Miranda Priestly Closet? Oh sorry.  I think I just slavered a little.



Honorable Mention for the Rocky Horror Show

Wee bit grand and gothic to imagine living in comfortably, but interesting architecture.  And inhabitants.


So there you have my faves.  Some homely, some grand.  All brought to life by some inventive movie designers and all lived in by lucky (or in the case of What Lies Beneath, not so lucky) individuals.

Which one would you choose?  or have I missed your favourite.   Let me know!

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