You want to know what a real estate agent does?  Money for jam, right?

Here’s a snapshot…

6:23am – Reply to overnight emails and delete spam.

Review recently sold statistics and what new houses have come to market in Terrigal and North Avoca.  Listen to podcast while in shower.  Drop the kids at school and have a long conversation on blue tooth with a Terrigal vendor who wants to understand what type of buyer is looking at the home.

8:10am – Sit at my desk and vet open house information and juggle time slots for the weekend.

Discuss upcoming listing with colleague. Scan data base and ‘hot buyers’ to see if there is an obvious match for the Terrigal house.  Call or message hot prospect buyers.  Confer with my assistant about strategy to get them through property.

Re-jig order of photos and re-do copy for property not finding the right buyer.  Perhaps it needs to skew towards a younger demographic?  Or an investor. Brainstorm possibilities with team.

Call back clients thinking of coming to market.

Receive call from buyer who is annoyed they didn’t get to see a house that sold last week in North Avoca.


9:15am  – call back several buyers from last weeks open houses to prompt offers or second inspections.

Receive email and follow up with solicitor questions regarding current sale.  Call buyer and vendor to find a middle ground and smooth the way forwards.

Review paper advertising and proof read ad.  Rewrite ad copy. Review office window display and rearrange ads.

10:00am -meet with photographer and help style North Avoca house for shoot.

Unload my cushions and throws from car, hide dishes, make the bed and fold up towels, hide their laundry.  Turn on all lights and open all blinds for shoot.  Hide knick knacks and personal photos. Move furniture to show room to best angle.

Reassure vendor that their favourite shot would be included but that the newly renovated toilet is not normally a shot we lead with.  Agree to feature internal shots of living room and exterior of home as lead shots.

Move furniture back.


11:00am -call back potential clients to see if they have any questions following our meeting last night.

Complete proposal and email out to prospect.  Send names and numbers of handyman, painters, cleaners, solicitors to help them move forward.

12:15pm -Eat lunch at desk while reviewing upcoming advertising.


Take call from buyer who desperately wants to see a house tonight at 7:20pm because they were at a picnic on Saturday and couldn’t make the open house…   And can’t come to next weeks either.

Call tenant to see if I can pull one more favour please and if they would possibly allow a short notice inspection.

1:00pm – Email reports to vendor with buyer comments and any opinions of price to help with feedback.

Check email and respond to any buyer enquiries.

Email out contract of sale to interested buyer.

Meet walk-in buyer in from street and explain our local pricing and that there aren’t any properties with a view for $300,000 in Terrigal or North Avoca.   Listen to their story about when they first bought their own home and where their parents grew up.


1:45pm – Meet vendor in Terrigal office conference room and discuss offer received overnight.

Strategise whether this buyer needs a counter offer, or whether to wait for auction day.  Discuss other buyers and what the market conditions are, who is likely to pay best price.

Respond to buyer with counter offer. Discuss relative comparable properties and encourage best foot forward.

Take increased offer to vendor.

Repeat until vendor and buyer both reach agreement.

2:30pm – Receive retouched photos and floorplan for photos taken last week.

Download from site, upload to our server, complete ad copy and send to owner for review.  Discuss painting quote with painter and forward to vendor.


3:10pm – Meet buyer appointment at property.

Show a couple of properties and discuss their future move.  Encourage offer. Discuss their finances and time line. Confirm their offer and receive in writing.


4:15pm – Present offer to vendor.  Agree on counter offer.

Call back all buyer enquiries for the day.  Do second round call backs to all buyers at open houses last week. Confirm upcoming appointments.  Review and tweak personal marketing. Enter all notes to computer system.

5:45pm – Visit home of prospective seller.

Discuss market, marketing, buyers, points of difference, office strengths, time line, explain auction vs private treaty, how to ‘dress’ home to impress, review local comparable sales.  Leave home and watch alternate agent walk in front door to do the same thing.


6:45pm – Back to office to grabs keys and brochure for 7:00pm inspection.

Send message to co-operative tenant to thank them again.  Race to inspection and tidy up tenants living room /bedroom/laundry.

7:40pm  – Meet (20 minutes late) buyers at property,  listen to their negative comments as they open every single closet door and kitchen cabinet and dawdle through at a glacial pace.

Smile and nod while they let me know their buying criteria (which is different than originally discussed) and that they might come to next weeks open house (which they are now free to attend) but that they don’t really want to purchase til next Spring.

Call tenant to tell them they can come home. Leave thank you gift for tenant.

Call vendor with feedback.


8:15pm -Return phone calls in car on way home.

10:00pm  – Send return message to new buyer who missed last weeks open house and can’t come next week either…

Be available to answer phone any time, any day for any question.  Field calls from idiotic buyers wanting to know if the owner would take a ‘cheeky offer’ – before they have seen the house. Work days off,  public holidays and Sundays. Squeeze to get the best possible price ever, then have the seller try to renegotiate your fee.  Re-erect signboard knocked down by fun loving youngsters.  I’ve had sellers remove plants from the garden. Buyers look for warranties in five year old dishwashers.  Tenants point blank refuse to allow any inspections…

And I love it all


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