It’s quite hard in real estate to achieve recognition for all your hard work. Especially since all the shonky ones out there are making the honest and reliable ones look bad! And I’m a commission only agent- I don’t get paid unless I do my job. So I need to do it bloody well!

However, when you do receive some recognition, its a cause for celebration!

Recently I was awarded RateMyAgent 2017 Agent of the Year award. Now this is a big thing! Why? Because I didn’t bribe anyone to make me look good!

This is why RateMyAgent is different:

The RateMyAgent Agent of the Year Awards compare over 26,000 agents and agencies across the country.  They highlight the leading real estate agents and agencies in each suburb, city and state across Australia, and on a national level. 

“The RateMyAgent Agent of the Year Awards are the only awards which use verified customer reviews and feedback, so they’re an honest gauge of the customer service an agent has provided,” said RateMyAgent CEO & Co-Founder, Mark Armstrong.  “These awards are the only industry awards to put sellers’ needs first, using customer reviews as a leading indicator of an agent’s success over 2016.”

There are a multitude of agent comparison sites out there…

To name a few- Open Agent (really bad!), Agent Compare, Which Real Estate Agent, Agent Select, Local Agent Finder. It is very important to research the reasercher! For example, did you know Open Agent charge the agents 20% of their personal commission rates which is almost always passed to the seller? They’ve even been know to use incorrect mobile numbers on their site so you can’t contact the agent directly! To read more about opinions on open agent click here.

And Local Agent Finder also had this review posted- “Don’t bother with this website its only there to benefit agents.” Ouch! Click here to read the review.

So if you are in need of a great agent, come and see me! *wink wink* Or visit to compare local agents based on real, honest client feedback.

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