As you may know, I have lived in several countries and sold real estate on two continents.

I’ve loved everywhere I have lived, but it got me thinking…

$1,000,000 is about the average price for a property on the Central Coast.  Some higher, some lower.    Let’s say I had a lazy spare million dollars lying around and wanted to return to an old haunt, what little hideaway might I buy?

What would a million dollars Australian buy me overseas?  If I take my hypothetical million, convert it into the currency of that land as of todays (August 25 2017) exchange rate…

What would I buy? 

Starting in Santa Monica California, my old stomping ground and where I first began my real estate career you could buy a snug renovated 1 bed room condo, or an un-renovated 2 bed apartment, a few blocks back from the beach for $793,000 US which is what our million dollars converts to at today’s rate (August 2017)  Snug.  And with twenty or so other units in the block.   Did I mention it would be snug.  You know what that means in real estate speak?…

This one sold in July 2017 for instance:  

Okay so thats the bottom of the realestate barrel in Santa Monica.  What if you wanted to step it up a bit achieve a bit more space, a little more privacy, you could invest closer to $14m AU for this home..  


Take TWO!

I attended High School at the foot of the mountains in the Taunus region (near Frankfurt) Germany and here you can barely buy a plot of land for $665,000 Euros.  Now admittedly the Euro is currently hammering the Australian Dollar – but hey, thats all I hypothetically have.

Here’s a tear down

But if you were feeling a bit generous, you could spend almost $3,000.000 Aus for a little piece of local history in Koenigstein and buy the old customs house   which has four separate buildings and a cellar. A cellar!  Thats intriguing.  Dating back to the 16th Century so if walls could talk…  

 (They would say, hey – wait til the Dollar is higher.)



And England?  What about my jolly old home country –  what could you get there for your million dollars Oz? Starting in Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire where I grew up you could snap up a  two bedroom bungalow so I suppose I could retire here 

I find the styles so interesting. An English house is so obviously an English house.   Those Chesterfields in the conservatory.


The last time I lived in England was in St. Johns Wood, London NW8, and you can buy a lavish one bed apartment there for your Six hundred and Twenty thousand pounds.



And then again, if you wanted to add your million dollars with another twenty five or so of your friends, you could all pitch in to buy this house currently for sale for fifteen million five hundred thousand pounds.

Just sayin’ …   This one HAS been renovated but there are a couple in the same price bracket which are completely raw and you could apply your own decorating stamp.  For your $26,000,000 Australian you could knock it down and start again.  Phew!


So for a million dollars Australian, you can buy a teardown in Frankfurt, a cramped one bedroom apartment in Santa Monica or London, or a decent house in 2260.  Maybe even with a pool. 

Nah!   Let’s stay on the Central Coast, with the glorious sands of North Avoca, the perfect aspect of Terrigal, watch the whales from Wamberal , the surfers from Avoca Beach, with the ocean breezes of Forresters Beach and the idylic lifestyle of Matcham.   


Maybe we will keep our hypothetical spare million dollars after all.   

I wonder how many pairs of shoes that would buy… 

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