Interior home design is a very personal choice and we all try to be a bit individual and to let our interior decorating Diva shine in the comfort of our own homes…

Or do we?

Remember mission brown and orange? The yellow and blue beach/Scandinavian colours? How about pale apricot and pale green? Yes those ‘individual’ choices were all suggested to us by the juggernaut of the fashion and decorating world. How do you think Dulux and Freedom furniture keep themselves in business. Remember the two seater couch covered in floral prints? The Bali look. Yep! Your individuality was suggested to you by magazines and furniture manufacturers. So – whats the predicted direction for 2019?

Clutter is OUT

Shabby chic and eclectic groupings are apparently out. Thanks to KonMari we are devoiding our homes of extra ‘things’.  Anything new should have a purpose and be useful. Minimalism and clean lines are back, with texture as opposed to clutter.

Matte black is IN

I think you have to tread carefully here but grey is moving out and black is replacing it. Statement vanities in bathrooms, or matte black on the floor is being hyped. Proceed with caution here – it will change in a few years and you don’t want your kitchen completely matte black and find out it dates you as much as orange formica dated your mother! Pewter and gunmetal are being predicted for hardware: handles, taps and so on.

Coral baby, coral

Speaking of orange formica, the Pantone Colour this year  is Living Coral 16-1546 . Think accent pillows rugs and towels. Some past contenders were Ultra Violet (2018) Greenery (2017) and Rose Quartz (2016) Remember how I told you it was an industry!

How green is my valley?

The other ‘big’ thing predicted this year is striking greenery, either as botanical prints on bedding or as feature posters or photos, and of course, in living colour! Lots of live greenery throughout. Big bold plants. This trend towards Biophilia is supposed to calm us by relating us to nature and slowing down our stress levels. Be a bit thoughtful about this. If you have a blazingly sunny spot, don’t spend a fortune on a massive plant and cook it. Then your stress levels will go in the wrong direction.

Velvet no-longer-underground

My mother in law will hate this but velvet is coming. She can’t stand the feel of it. Velvet couches and cushions, pillows and throws. Hard to get your head round this in the heat of the Australian summer but pale blues, pinks and whites, and especially green velvet is coming apparently.

These are some of the predictions. But one of the biggest prediction is individuality.  Take what you like, leave what you don’t. Anytime you are redoing a room, try to keep the fixed major pieces as neutral as possible. Add just touches of the current trend. I mean you COULD change a tap in five years, but you probably won’t want to redo the whole kitchen.

Our home is our sanctuary. A place to relax, entertain, de-tox, reconnect and unwind. It should reflect you and your interests, your travels, your tastes. And if you are thinking of selling in the next year or so, edit edit edit! Don’t add anything new unless you are sure it will sell the house faster or get you more money. I mean, that jewel blue kitchen, with the lapis lazuli benchtop may have been exactly what that past owner loved. But the new purchaser paid less because they knew they were redoing the entire lot and it was in a skip bin within a week. Neutral is best.

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