Sometimes the competition makes me look amazing because they are so bad.

Its no surprise that good photographs are the first step to attracting quality buyers to a property.
Get the light right.  Move the furniture around a little.  Get rid of the clutter.  Frame the image well.  This all helps to attract a prospective purchaser. 


I have even been known to take my own lamps, throws and cushions to enhance a property, and if you scroll through the photos of a few homes I have sold, you might see the same coffee table re-occur, and that’s mine.  And yes, that pillow turns up a lot. Not every family can afford to bring in a full professional styling crew, so I will help where I can. See my blog about hiring a professional stylist.  Always worth the cost.
I use a professional photography company I trust implicitly to shoot great images for me, and then to balance with colour and light for the finished article.   No photo shop but careful editing.
So here’s my question..  Do you think THESE agents put terribly much thought into their photos. (yep, these are real photos taken from real estate web sites)  

Firstly.  The Feature Toilet.
I mean, sure its hard to take an elegant photo of a loo, but really!  Would you bother (and if you did bother, please take away the cleaning products. And trash can.
Pay no attention to the man behind the flash.

Apparently they’ve got a few spare items in this bathroom, not least an amateur photographer.

Shower curtain and towel, not included

Not sure about the flowery bit on the side either

Mirrors make everything look bigger

The toilet roll next to the bath is handy too.

Be wary of damp clothes after your shower

I suppose the wardrobes must be lacking in this home?

Have a chat

When you really, really can’t wait to talk to each other

DO not enter with a hangover

Nothing worse than stumbling into this with a headache.

Another agent who doesn’t know how mirrors work

Really my friend?  Really?

No.  Just No.

Too creepy for words. (and they don’t belong in the bedroom either)

Teenagers may have been here earlier

But Muuuuuuuummmmm.  I’ll clean it later.



So many choices. So little time.

Described as a Family home, I suppose?..


No, don’t worry. There will be plenty of pink pai….

Could you at least move the bleach?


I am sure these homes saved some cash by DIY-ing everything, including the photography.  And No, I am sure it didn’t cost them a penny!  But you know what they say –  pay peanuts, get monkeys. (although that may be an improvement)



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