In the world of fashion, anything older than a decade is probably out of date.


NO to those shoulder pads.  Sadly, this is also the case in home fashion and if you are thinking of selling, it might be time to do some editing and freshening up before you try to sell your property.  Are you still exhibiting the house version of a shell suit?  A velour jumpsuit? Stop. 

Have a think about your probably audience. Who is most likely going to buy your home? Are they probably younger than you? (Which would be a reasonable assumption since we generally move ‘up’ in the real estate world.)   

We need to whip your home out of 2000 and into 2018.  Yes, the millennium was 18 years ago.


1.Paint choice.

The current trend is to neutralise and use taupes, greys and soft whites.  The trend 15 years ago was to have a dark blue suede-look feature wall.  See the difference.

2. Carpets.  

Sculpted cream Berber carpets with high pile look dated and are dust traps.  And flowery swirly patterns just give 30-somethings a headache.   Plain neutral colours and low pile is the current fashion.  And use a good underlay.  

3. Window treatments.  

Swags and tails and pelmets are old (window) hat. I know you spent a fortune on them but they make the room darker and feel dusty.  No this is not a poke at your housekeeping skills, but rather an emotional response to lots of hanging fabric.  Blinds and plantation shutters are currently au courant.

4. Furniture.

Heavy dark timbers and country pines have also been moved along and while I am not suggesting you re-furnish your house, it might be worth considering re-housing some of the bigger items and making some light and space in the room.  If you don’t think you will be moving those items to the new house, sell them on Gumtree or give them to the charity shops. Make some visual space, some emotional room for the new buyer to see himself living in this room.

5. Stuff.

All that stuff you have collected, all those spare bits you will get round to, all the baskets, the vases and knick knacks, all the reminders of overseas holidays, the slightly dirty rugs, the hall table with three bowls on it, the many many portraits and photos of the family, please put it all in a box.  Or three or four boxes.   This is no slight on your taste.  But its impossible to show a house to its best when every surface is covered with ‘things’. The small sailing ship collection is a very personal thing and not for everyone. You are not trying to sell your house to You. The new owner wants to see the ‘bones’ of the property and imagine themselves in there.   Keep it clutter free and light and airy.

You might think this is all redundant and that buyers can see past all these things, and yes, you might be correct.

However you want to achieve the BEST price available for your property and since many of your competitors are now spending a little before going to market, and giving their house a leg up.

Thats right. Every other house on the market at the same time as yours, is competition.

You do not sell your home in isolation. Buyers look at several different suburbs, several different price points, even different bed bath configurations. So throw away your beaded curtains, your sweater vest and big hair and lets try to amp up the appeal to the next family who will live here. Your bank account will thank you. 

Call me on 0438 802 648 if you would like an updated opinion on how your home would fare in todays market- with and without the purple suede feature wall.

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