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10 Interesting Wordly Facts

Who would’ve thought? 1. The White House in the United States costs around $110 million USD. 2. The current president of the U.S., Donald Trump, has filed for corporate bankruptcy four times for his investment properties. 3. In 2007, the late Leona Helmsley, an American businesswoman known for her flamboyant personality and her tyrannical behaviour,…Read More→

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Its an often asked question in the living rooms of the Central Coast…  “Should we move or should we renovate?” Mostly asked when you can’t bear to cook one more meal in that grotty kitchen, or find yourself rolling your eyes at the truck next door that starts at 5:00am.  Every morning. But before you…Read More→

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Bad Bathrooms and other You-have-got-to-be-kidding-me real estate photos.

Sometimes the competition makes me look amazing because they are so bad. Its no surprise that good photographs are the first step to attracting quality buyers to a property. Get the light right.  Move the furniture around a little.  Get rid of the clutter.  Frame the image well.  This all helps to attract a prospective…Read More→