Giving it all away?

I love Christmas. - I really enjoy this time of year. The excitement and build up.    I liked it when it was cold and snowy in the first 30 odd years of my life, and I have loved the past 17, in the hot hot Aussie summer. Pretending…
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Movie houses I have lusted after

The trouble with movie houses is they aren’t real.  I mean most of them are just facades, agonised over by the designer and perfectly staged and lit, then torn down after shooting is finished.  Some are quick glimpses of the outside, then…
Open House Etiquette
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Open house etiquette for the open house challenged

  Apparently this is tricky for some so I thought I might help the general population with tips and tricks regarding the attendance at an open house.  This is where a property has been opened by a real estate agent to allow prospective…