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A - Z of Real Estate PART TWO

Marketing- You are selling your most expensive asset and you want the world to know.  Maybe there is one more person you could reach, who loves your house and will pay a little more.  You must be prepared to spend a little to make a lot. …
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16 easy and inexpensive ways to boost your curb appeal

The outside of your property is where a buyer begins to evaluate how much they will pay. Sure, they can be heavily influenced by a spectacular view or a swoon-worthy kitchen but the front of your home is where the decision process begins. How…
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Stories from the trenches: real estate is not for the faint hearted

I totally understand that real estate agents have a bad reputation historically all over the world, not just in Terrigal or North Avoca.  I’m not so sure I understand it but certainly there has been room for improvement over the years. Hopefully…